OESIS ranked 4th best in International Curriculum – Times School Survey 2016


OES International School is a Cambridge School catering to children generally between the ages of 3 -16 years old. Our highly experienced team delivers innovative curricular programs using the best practices of the curriculum. The IGCSE Programme provides broad knowledge and develops creative thinking, application orientation for the concepts learned and enquiry into every aspect of the learning. Study and examination at IGCSE School provide excellent preparation for higher studies and employment.

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Recent News & Events @ Andheri

  • Field Trip: Mani Bhavan

    The learners of OES International School Had field to field trip on 5th April 2019 to Mani Bhavan, a museum [...]

  • Taraporewala Aquarium

    The preschoolers for their monthly concept learning , had been on a field trip to Taraporewala Aquarium on 5th April [...]

  • 2nd Annual Concert

    One of the anxiously awaited occasions in any school is its Annual Day, OES International School celebrated its 2nd Annual [...]

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Recent News & Events @ Vashi

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Core Values

  A School for All

Children are our main concern, Teachers are our main asset.

  Positive Relationships

Developing a positive learning community is a key to success

  Positive Achievement

Developing 21st century skills is crucial to enable our students

  Positive Health

Lifestyle management is becoming even more important

  Positive Engagement

True engagement comes from creating one ‘s own learning.

  Embracing Learning

Teachers have influence they must be excellent role models.

Pre-Schools in Mumbai

OES International School


  • A warm welcome for children of all abilities and nationalities;
  • A focus on parents as partners in their child’s learning journey;
  • Dedicated and inspirational teachers supported by excellent, responsive leadership;
  • High quality early childhood experiences;
  • Emphasis on developing independence, creativity and critical thinking and using ICT to enrich learning;
  • A skills continuum which runs as a thread through the curriculum and leads to the development of professional learning skills
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