1st Annual Concert & Graduation Day

//1st Annual Concert & Graduation Day

One of the most anxiously awaited occasions in any school is its Annual Day .
OES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL hosted its magnificent 1st Annual and Graduation day function themed “ALADDIN” on Thursday 10th MAY, 2018. Great excitement and hurried activities are visible all around. Even those who are not actively, involved are excited to have a study-free day in school, filled with fun, frolic and amusement. Another important feature of the preparation is the regular practice session of the cultural programme to be staged on the appointed day. Students, participating in the dance, drama and music programmes, are called for long rehearsals. The long-awaited day, finally, arrives and everyone seems to be immensely busy and hectic, rushing here and there for one reason or the other.
The cultural program commenced with an entertaining based on the theme “ALADDIN” by the tiny-tots of the Pre-primary Section. A scintillating medley of dances based on the same theme and troupe enthralled the audience. The glittering finale captivated the audience and in the exuberant atmosphere, one could see the skills and talents of the young learners being displayed with confidence and aplomb. The program ended on a patriotic note.