A day in the life of a parent

//A day in the life of a parent

I watch their softly tousled heads slumbering on their pillows, and sadness wells up in me. Have I drunk in their smiles and laughter and hugged them, or have I just checked things off my to-do list today? They’re growing so quickly. One morning I may wake up and one of my girls will be getting married, and I’ll worry: Have I played with them enough? Have I enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of their lives?” – Janet Fackrell.


The hardest day in every parent’s life is to watch their little child slowly plod towards preschool and step into a whole new world. The question in every parent’s mind is: Will it be worth it? Will my child be comfortable? Every parent waits anxiously outside preschool on the first day, hoping their child steps out smiling from ear to ear. Every parent has to face this day. But the parents need not fret, adventure awaits behind those gates of the preschool.

Kids not only learn to draw, paint, learn alphabets and numbers; they learn to work in teams. Children learn to trust their teachers. At preschool, a child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills are strengthened. At preschool your child may find his/her best friend!

By enrolling little toddlers at OESIS; parents are not only allowing their children to play and learn..parents are ensuring that their children are growing.