A Seminar on Parental Counselling

//A Seminar on Parental Counselling

Dr.N.S.Neelkandan,(India’s leading psychologist)
Ph.D(Psychology)M.S&M.Sc(counselling & Psychotherapy),M.Phil,MBA,PGDTD
Conducted on 7th June,2015
He is a freelance Trainer &Coach, counsulting psychologist an counselor. In his seminar he covered the following topics-

  • modern age parenting relating to use of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Cultivating the relationship. An insight into brain functioning with explanation on factors that affect the logical side from functioning.
  • comparison of children shrinks the brain which affects their response to situation.
  • the brain is not designed for multitasking.

This seminar was motivating and inspiring to all parents.