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Mumbai City is the financial & cultural nerve center of India. With its Countless of multinational companies, diverse real estate market, burgeoning financial services and insurance market, major financial and commodity exchanges, the city stands as a living laboratory. The attribute, therefore, most required in today’s citizens’ combines global knowledge, awareness, sensitivity and practical experience.

This has led to the need for Schools that imparts education relevant to international standards. Realizing the increasing need for quality Education in Mumbai, OES International School, Vashi was launched in the year 2013 which has been successful in creating excellence in learning among the students & the community and in 2015 OES International School, Andheri has been launched with the dream to make a difference.

OES International School is a Cambridge School catering to children generally between the ages of 3 -16 years old. Our highly experienced team delivers innovative curricular programs using the best practices of the curriculum. The IGCSE Programme provides broad knowledge and develops creative thinking, application orientation for the concepts learned and enquiry into every aspect of the learning. Study and examination at IGCSE School provide excellent preparation for higher studies and employment.
With an infrastructure that supports excellence in all areas, OES International School provides a wide array of world class facilities in academics, sports, Arts and other activities. OES International School believes that the uniqueness each child brings to learning is integral to the dynamics of the classroom. We not hamper rather we rather encourage them to set their own goals.

Ours is an age of pedagogy. Today’s parents are extremely anxious that their children are academically inclined. We at OES International School however, believe that besides academics, the children must be allowed to explore, inquire, play and discover to learn. Direct instructions can help children learn specifics facts and skills but creativity and curiosity are even more important for learning in the long run. OES International school provides the children with a rich, stable and safe world, with affectionate and supportive facilitators and lots of opportunities for exploration and play. Besides our strong curriculum, we offer a sports program, drama and theatre, a music program and SAM- which is a math program. Children are encouraged to participate in these Programmes available to and created for them.