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Grandparents & Diwali Celebration

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights as it is traditional to light up your house with an impressive array of candles and small clay oil lamps to symbolise the triumph of good over evil. party begins. The evening party is a welcomed excuse for family and friends to come together, enjoy a [...]

Navratri Celebration

In India, Navratri is Hindus famous festival celebrated with great joy and reverence. This festival is a joyous way of worshipping Goddess Durga. ‘’Navratri’’ is a Sanskrit word where ‘Nav’ means nine and ‘Ratri’ means nights. Dressed up in chaniya cholis and churidar kurtas, preschoolers of OES International School celebrated Navratri.Dancing to the beats of [...]

Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day was celebrated in OES International School Andheri, to mark the 71st year of freedom from the British rule with great patriotic fervor, zeal and zest. On this patriotic occasion our little OESian’s showcased a colourful spectacle of India’s vision. The morning began with a dance performance presented by our little ones. It [...]

Raksha Bandhan celebrated at OESIS

Friendship Day celebrated at OESIS

A Visit By ‘The Kids Clinic’

The team that visited our school was headed by well known pediatric, Dr. Ninad Hebbalkar, Consulting Pediatrician & Neonatologist. They conducted a physical examination of all the children. A height and weight check also was done. We feel proud to say that Dr. Hebbalkar said that all our children are absolutely healthy and parents and [...]

THE HINDU coverage of International Yoga Day at OESIS, Vashi

International Yoga Day celebrated at OES International School, Vashi on 21.06.2017- Article in THE HINDU (Newspaper) Dt.30.06.2017


Every parent would agree that having children has given their lives meaning, a sense of fulfillment, and a kind of joy previously unimagined. We all love our children. We love caring for them and doing things for them. We love watching them grow. Yet, at the same time, we realize that parenting in today’s time [...]

Summer Fun Day

‘Summer Fun Day’ was held at OESIS on Saturday 29th April 29, 2017. Fun laughter sunshine was the idea behind the event. The day with ‘The Skate Academy’ giving a brief talk on benefits of skating and demonstrating skating techniques to our students. This was followed by an interactive story telling session for children and [...]

Personal Hygiene Conducted on 8th March 2017

Cleanliness and good habits are not matters of instinct .They are the products of good education. Like most valuable things; one must cultivate a taste for them. Personal hygiene is generally defined as cleanliness of the body and proper maintenance of the personal appearance, as it is important in every stage of life. Undoubtedly [...]