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/Recent News & Events @ Andheri

Annual Pre-Primary Picnic : KIDZANIA


Our Pre - School Learners were taken KIDZANIA for a day visit on 11th January 2019 , which was a fun filled learning experience which enhanced their knowledge through practical role play and a lot of insight on daily activities done by elders. The learners went home with beautiful memories.

Annual Pre-Primary Picnic : KIDZANIA2019-01-24T11:36:45+00:00

Sports Day


The 4th Annual Sport Meet, was held on 20th December 2018 on the ground of OES International School. It goes without saying that sports is essential in a childs growth, along with academics. Christmas was the them of the day. The event comprised of various display, Sprint races and fun games which were conducted by [...]

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Christmas Celebration at OES International School


Christmas itself brings magic, so did we at OES international School celebrated Christmas on 21st December 2018 , with a blast. The event was filled with lots of fun and excitements for our learners. The day was packed with games, activities like making wreath ,decorating santa cap and Christmas tree and so on. Delicious snacks [...]

Christmas Celebration at OES International School2019-01-14T05:35:11+00:00

Field Trip To RBI Museum


The learners of OES International School from Grade 1 to 6 were taken on an educative field trip to the RBI Museum on Tuesday, 4th December 2018. On reaching the venue they were given awarm welcome, after which they were seated and given an introductory talk on the origin of Money, its evolvement from coins [...]

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Children Day Celebration


Children Day was celebrated on 9th of November 2018, at OES with great excitement. The day began with workshop on Pottery, the children experienced something new and innovative. After which there was a magic show to entertain our children. Teacher performed a special dance for our children. Yummy snacks were served.Children went home with sweet [...]

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Halloween Celebration at OESIS


Halloween was celebrated at OES International School with much excitement on 31st October 2018 from 6:30 -9:30pm. The school ground was decorated with various decor. the Learners came dressed in Halloween costumes,which were truly amazing. There were games stalls which were enjoyed throroughly by the learners. Teachers performed a skit on How Halloween is celebrated. [...]

Halloween Celebration at OESIS2018-11-10T05:22:00+00:00

Navratri Celebration 2018.


The day was filled with excitement as our Pre Schoolers were adorned with colourful costumes to celebrate this event. The learners began the day by watching a video that showed the story of how Good overcomes Evil and thus making them understand the significance of the festival. The Pre Schoolers went on to perform a [...]

Navratri Celebration 2018.2018-10-24T05:13:08+00:00
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