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/Recent News & Events @ Andheri

Field Trip: Mani Bhavan


The learners of OES International School Had field to field trip on 5th April 2019 to Mani Bhavan, a museum and a historical building dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi's Life. The primary learners got to see the library of 20,000 books based on Mahatma Gandhi's Life , the display of photographs that gives a glimpse of [...]

Field Trip: Mani Bhavan2019-04-17T08:36:53+00:00

Taraporewala Aquarium


The preschoolers for their monthly concept learning , had been on a field trip to Taraporewala Aquarium on 5th April 2019. The Taraporewala Aquarium is the oldest aquarium in the Mumbai city, which has over 100 species of marine and fresh water fish and underwater creatures, including turtles, morays, sharks and varieties of coral fish. [...]

Taraporewala Aquarium2019-04-17T08:11:31+00:00

2nd Annual Concert


One of the anxiously awaited occasions in any school is its Annual Day, OES International School celebrated its 2nd Annual Concert 2018-2019 with unprecedented fanfare on Saturday,30 March 2019 with great excitement and hurried activities visible all around. The Annual day of OES International School is a moment of celebration where each and every child [...]

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Math And Concept


The preschoolers in their monthly concept learning , were taught about counting with the help of tweezers.The objective of this concept was to help improve their fine motor skills along with learning the concept of counting in Math and Science which was beautifully co-related.This kind of learning truly catered to the holistic development of our [...]

Math And Concept2019-03-28T12:06:51+00:00

Marine Life


Our Preschoolers were introduced to topic of marine life in an innovative manner. At the end of the topic the learners were dress in various sea creatures they learnt about and also spoke few lines on the creature they depicted. The classroom activities were held on the same. It was delightful experiences.

Marine Life2019-03-28T12:08:09+00:00

Skating Competition


Proud Moment for OES International School , as our learners Master Rudraveer and Miss Parvathi represented our school at the Achiever's Skating Academy. We would like to Congratulate Rudraveer from Grade 5 for securing 1st place and Parvathi from Grade 3 for securing 2nd place in the 2nd OPEN ROLLER SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP'19

Skating Competition2019-03-28T12:13:46+00:00
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