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NANA JAGANNATH SUNKERSETT ( 10th Feb 1803 – 31st July 1865 ) Nana Jagannath Sunkersett was a towering 19th century philanthropist and one of the few Indians who had a direct role in building Mumbai during the British rule . A brief of the contributions of Nana Jagannath Sunkersett : Donated large tracts of land [...]

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INTER-SCHOOL KUNG FU WU SHU CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 Organised at OES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Vashi Organised by : All India Kung Fu Wu Shu Association Participation from : 20 Schools of Thane and Raigad District The OES Managing Director Mr. Waseem J. Khan who established OES International School Vashi, has the vision to lay a strong foundation for [...]

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Animals Around Us Methods


Grade I Class Activity:  Students displayed their favorite animal in the classroom display section. There was an Open discussion on the types of animals that were namely displayed: domestic, wild and pet       animals  Our responsibility for the care and protection of all animals is important.  Students expressed enthusiasm and excitement when told to [...]

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Importance of News[ English ]


Activity - Poster Collage Sub Topic - Newspaper -Headlines of the student's interest. Concepts learnt - To develop reading skills. Student were guided to read the newspaper to give global information relating to Sports, Science and Creativity. Students were actively involved and they gradually understood the varied sections of a Newspaper.  

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Indian Villages


Grade III Activity:- Students were asked to make the model of a village and give a presentation in the class about the life in villages. Students learned how villages are formed and also about the Occupation of people living in villages which is mainly  farming. The Difference between life in villages and in urban areas [...]

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Cooking without fire


Grade - II Activity:- Students came dressed as chefs and prepared the food items like Sandwich, fruit salad and Bhelpuri. They enjoyed preparing these food items and shared them with each other. Students learnt the value of co-operation and team spirit so that they can share with pleasure. Students enjoyed the activity and expressed much [...]

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