Community Helpers Day

//Community Helpers Day

“Community Helpers Day” is a wonderful way to broaden the child’s horizon and help them learn about the world beyond home–their community. It is easy to find books for this concept, and there are a number of creative activities to go with it—everything from dramatic play to field trips.
A community is a group of people who share services buildings and laws. It is also a place where people live. A community can be a school, town, city, or neighbourhood. Community helpers are people who live and work in our communities. Community helpers make communities cleaner, safer, and more pleasant for other people.
This topic is important as it brings home to children for a lot of reasons such as safety, thoughtfulness and understanding the way the world works. It teaches them to address politely to the people in our neighbourhood, mingle with them by asking his or her name and try to show them that they should feel safe and that these people take care of us.
With these objectives to be achieved, Community Helper Day was organized in the school for Junior KG students on 24th February 2015. They were dressed up as nurse, sweeper, policeman, doctor, soldier, vegetable vendor farmer and teacher. They presented their views happily and told that they were proud to be dressed as community helper s and loved their job.