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OES International School is a contemporary organisation, learning and growing with each child and young person. Central to the school ethos is the understanding that every child is unique and therefore has different motivations, interests and needs.

With this in mind, we are committed to achieving true differentiation through reliable and valid assessment, the promotion of inquiry and higher order thinking and excellent differentiated planning by teachers. Staffs are valued as OES International School’s key agents for improvement and we strive to communicate as effectively as possible with all members of the community, consulting on school wide projects, taking a collaborative approach to planning and development in order to create positive and lasting relationships.

We welcome students with additional and unique needs and strive to ensure they are fully appreciated within our learning community and achieve excellence within a nurturing and challenging ethos.

We do not subscribe to the notion that students at either end of the ability spectrum are expensive to teach, as we believe our resources and strategies are designed to meet the needs of all learners. For us, every class is a ‘student friendly’ class, every teacher is able to differentiate learning effectively to meet student needs and every child is able to gain control of their learning through choice and self-evaluation.

Central to our school’s ethos is a belief in the inherent goodness of all people and our desire to support each young person to explore their humanity. Each student is supported by a community of individuals including class teachers, teaching assistants, learning support assistants, counselors, administrative staff and specialists to ensure their personal development is central to their overall development.

Through Personal, Social, Health, Emotional and Citizenship education (PSHEC) students develop knowledge, skills and understanding on issues such as healthy lifestyle, ecology, e-safety, professional learning, leadership and citizenship. We not only encourage pupils to become confident and self-aware individuals, but enable them to grow into thoughtful, resilient young adults capable of meeting the challenges of their exciting futures and excel in the world of work.

Our enrichment programmes help to develop emotionally aware and astute young people, promoting positive relationships and character strengths while developing leadership skills. We want every student to discover just what they are good at, what they enjoy and what they want to achieve.

We will ensure positive achievement through choice so that students are interested in what they are learning and motivated to do well. As well as traditional academic subjects we will offer courses in music technology, food technology, new age E-learning activities such as mobile applications & gaming, specialized PE activities for example, Crossfit for Kids, as well as performing arts, media and film studies.

These aspects will complement a rigorous academic framework in developing the whole person. Attention is paid to skill development and performance levels for outstanding sports people and performers while ensuring everyone is offered a programme that challenges and extends them to reach their personal best. Through such activities we develop not just a child’s sporting or artistic competence but also their character, creativity and community spirit as well as their leadership skills. We will support these programmes with expert coaches, artists in residence and specialist teachers.

OES International School believes that positive physical and mental health is shaped by individual physical, environmental, social, cultural and socio-economic characteristics. We recognize the need for all students to achieve positive health both physically and emotionally.

Our comprehensive physical education programme links directly with the science components of our curriculum and ensures students understand the importance of and methods needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle though diet and exercise. Our PSHEC programme ensures students understand and practice the key components of maintaining positive emotional health through the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes to:

  • Identify and manage emotions through development of emotional resilience;
  • Set and pursue positive personal goals;
  • Communicate care and concern for others;
  • Initiate and sustain positive relationships;
  • Make decisions, which demonstrate respect for self and others;
  • Deal with interpersonal concerns and challenges effectively.

These critical developmental competencies will assist our students in initiating friendships and resolving conflicts, calming themselves when they are upset and making choices that contribute to the positive growth of themselves and others in their school and home communities.

Students are engaged when they ‘devote substantial time and effort to a task, when they care about the quality of their work, and when they commit themselves because the work seems to have significance beyond its personal instrumental value.’ (Newman, 1986) Engaged students also are more likely to perform well academically.

Therefore, our teachers will use a wide range of teaching and learning strategies to engage our diverse student community. We believe that student engagement is one of the most significant factors, which impacts on learning. We therefore strive to foster student engagement by communicating with them about how they learn best and what they are most interested in.

Our founder students will be involved in the creation of curriculum themes and topics and we will include students in our regular curriculum reviews to ensure the best possible levels of student engagement. We recognise that teachers are the key players in fostering student engagement as they work directly with children and young people and are the most influential in a student’s educational experience in school. By creating a culture of achievement in classrooms, listening to students and developing interactive and relevant lessons in a supportive ethos, teachers are better able to foster high levels of student engagement.

We expect all teachers to cultivate a culture of achievement where learning is challenging, students feel comfortable asking questions and they are expected to do their best. High quality rigorous teaching and learning aligned with the standards inherent in the EYFS, NC, BTEC, IBCC and IBDP, designed to meet the needs of all students, is a key factor in promoting a culture of engagement and achievement in the classroom (Weiss & Paisley, 2004).

A central aspiration of our vision for the future is to create a vibrant sustainable and inspirational community where high quality inspirational learning takes place. To ensure the school is at the forefront of contemporary education, blended digital learning will be a key feature with students from the youngest age accessing a range of state-of-the-art Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools to support their learning and development. We are also committed to preparing our students for life beyond school with our applied professional learning programme, which enables students from a young age to benefit from real workplace experiences with mentorship provided from professionals and industry leaders from various sectors. We recognize the need to ensure students have a range of study options and qualification to pursue according to their individual needs and interests.

To support these options we will ensure our teachers have access to excellent professional development leading to accredited qualifications in order that they may deliver a creative curriculum based on authentic learning and maximum choice.

Ultimately, we want OES International School students to achieve as well as they possibly can in all aspects of learning so they have the choice to attend prestigious universities and colleges and can build careers in all walks of life. As well as preparing our young people for university and the world of work, we hope we can also help them on their way to enjoying happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.