As schools across the city close their doors this week, children are free for the next two months.

Parents are once again debating as to what is best for their child.

Should they enroll their child in a summer camp with structured activities, or should they allow their child to laze around the house doing nothing and just watch the television and play video games??

On this, of course we have various strong debates and opinions.

Summer break is a time for play which is important. Children work hard at school and in their extra-curricular activities all throughout the year. But play with a certain amount of learning collaborated in it during summer would be fun and interesting.


There are some parents who believe that children should be allowed to be completely free and allowed to do whatever they wish. But simultaneously children should be encouraged to first understand and then analyze what they should do with the free time that they have to overcome boredom.

On the other hand there are parents who enroll their children in summer camps and tons of other activity classes which have structured activities. Children then barely have free time left for themselves; no time to think what they are truly interested in, no time to reflect, no time to play outdoor games with their peers and no time to get creative.

Parents need to understand that it is important to maintain a good balance. They should not only give the children some free time for themselves, but simultaneously engage the child in some structured activity. This in no way means that the child has to be over burdened with various activities. Play along with some activity which helps enhance a child’s particular skill, is ideal.

But ensure that the child’s area of interest is kept in mind.

Ensure that you give your child some time for free play. Encourage your child to participate in activities like football, tennis, skating etc. Allow them to watch television, play on their i-pads, video games etc but try to minimize that time. Encourage them to identify, and then decide as to what activity they want to do.

To summarize, parents need to be more aware, that they should not over burden their child with various activities or give them too much of free time.