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The following fun built activities create opportunities for your child to enhance their skills everyday and make school a happy , invigorating time of day.

tapping their tastebuds and the skills required to do so is integrated into their time at OESIS. Playing with ingredients , measuring and observing the know how of what to do with them leaves them with new skills and a true appreciation for their food and its nutritional purposes.

a science corner with real scientific equipment like test tubes , cylinders , petri dishes sparks your child’s curiosity about the many wonders of science. They are free to experiment and learn something new every time under absolute care and safe supervision .

we encourage our baby picasso’s to create their very own diverse imaginative masterpieces with all our very colourful and exciting art supplies. A gallery of all their art will be displayed for them to show their parents and other visitors just how beautifully talented they are.

our very exciting music wall and corner with an array of baby music instruments gives them the freedom to find their own beat, sing their own tune and be nurtured into being true rockstars in every way possible .

climbing ropes, baby rock climbing, our fit kid programme all teaches them to value their body and the importance of staying healthy. We encourage your babies to be active little bunnies developing their fine and gross motor skills excellently along the way.

our kid friendly yoga programme helps with your child’s physical, psychological and social health and well being .

our very attractive in house created beach town enables your child to make sandcastles, play in the pool and feel the freedom of truly being a child while learning something new about themselves every time.