The word ‘picnic’ brings a cheer and smile to the face of students, whether simply going to a park or a historical monument or any other place. The atmosphere is one of excitement, fun and frolic. It is a perfect source of rejuvenation. The students are filled with a lot of thrill and adventurous spirit.
Fun Outing or picnic plays an integral role in developing personality traits among students. Mainly the purpose of picnic is to connect diverse culture students at one platform. It helps in developing interpersonal skill among students.
We at OESIS had our first Fun Outing on 5th March 2015. Students of Senior Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten and Nursery gathered at 8:30 am in the school and headed towards the Rock Garden at Nerul in the school bus. Students enjoyed at the garden by taking a nature walk and saw the sculptures, waterfall, toy train and pond and had their snacks. Utmost care was taken not to litter the place and students were explained the importance of cleanliness. They saw the statue of Sant Gadge Baba Maharaj who also emphasised about importance of cleanliness in villages.
On our way back, we visited the Fire Station at Vashi to enable students know more about the role of fire fighters and how they put off fire in case of any mishap. It was a great experience for our little ones as this was quite fascinating for them.
We reached the school at 11.30 am and immediately students were dispersed. The bus facility was available for the ones who avail the bus service.
Fun Outing Day at OESIS surely encouraged a feeling of togetherness, belongingness and a moment to cherish.