Health is Wealth

Date           : 12th October 2018

Venue        : OES International School, Vashi

Seminar Hall and the Studio

Time           : 10.30 am to 11.30am .

Parents Co-ordinator :  Ms Shiney James

Resource Person          :  Dr Charu  S.Pathak

Topic                               :  Health is Wealth

Participating Classes    :  Grade – I to Grade -IV

Programme Anchor      :  Ms. Sheetal Mahadik

The Resources Person Dr.Charu S. Pathak presented the importance of ‘Health is Wealth‘by means of a Power point  presentation and an interactive session with the students .

The response of the students to all the questions sparked much enthusiasm to continue the session with games like :

“Guess What I am ?”

The Blind folded student was given a fruit or vegetable to hold or taste and to guess what it was and state it’s importance.

CHEERS even the teachers participated!