Helen O’ Grady on 24th Jan, 2016

//Helen O’ Grady on 24th Jan, 2016

HELEN O’ GRADY INTERNATIONAL had the pleasure of organizing a Mime show by a world renowned Mime Artist from Switzerland – MARKUS SUHMID IN Navi Mumbai on January 23rdand January 24th 2016 at OES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Vashi.

Markus Schmid is an award winning mime artist who studied mime under the legendary Marcel Marceau in Paris (The man was known as the Master of silence and it is said that his performance “Walking against the wing” inspired the moonwalk of Michael Jackson).

Markus conducted a workshop for Teachers of Navi Mumbai, at OES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL; Vashi. Eighty Six teachers representing thirty schools of Navi Mumbai were present.
He shared the enormous possibilities of non verbal communication and how it can enrich the classrooms. Markus will also be performing ENKI – The Water Singer a visual tale on the “Importance of Water Conservation: at OES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Vashi Amphitheatre on Sunday 24th January 2016.

ENKi-The Water Singer at OES International School,  Vashi

A Visual tale using the universal language of MIME on the Importance of Water Conservation
In the Sumerian mythology, Enki is the god of fresh water and prosperity. Without water, there is no life and no development. Through the eyes of Enki, this dreamlike tale invites one to discover the importance of water on a larger scale. This signifies the respect for nature and for the environment. Importantly the survival of the planet depends on the careful use of technology by human beings.

Markus Schmid takes on various characters during this visual tale. He depicts a water carrier in a parched land also a farmer sowing seeds and praying for water. Finally he is a fisherman looking for fish in polluted waters and portrays sea life dying from water due to contamination.Markus Schmid’s emotions, movements and special effects are phenomenal.