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OES International School motto “The Child is our Wealth” aims at nurturing our young ones with knowledge, values and education through the best practices adopted from around the world.

The spacious well ventilated, temperature controlled classrooms have natural light and a colourful interior. The dynamic learning environment has classroom centres to encourage students to move from group work to individual work and vice versa in response to the learning activity. The resources provided allows each student to become involved in self-initiated inquiry, in a manner appropriate to each student’s development and modalities of learning.

The emphasis is on the student centred approach and its significance in the classroom. Here tasks are designated to be interesting and fun oriented to stimulate each child to feel that it is important to come back the next day. Learning and relating to the social and cultural ethics is enhanced with regular field trips.

The outdoor activities at OES International School take place in a naturally endowed green and verdant campus. Besides there is a scope for a wide variety of outdoor play for physical development. The Nature walks with the teacher give the child awareness and appreciation of the beauty of nature.
OES International School is a place which revolves around the needs of each child, be it intellectual, physical, emotional, social or cultural. The Pre Primary years are dedicated to developing learners, who are confident, responsible, innovative and challenge oriented.

Arts and Craft is an integral part of Pre-Primary years, as it develops stills such as Memory, Concentration Span, Creativity and Self-esteem. The Activity Room has facilities for Dance, Music, Games, Yoga & Drama for enacting the story of the day, rhymes, action songs, puppet shows and also celebration of festivals with parents.