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One of our most important fun with learning play zones. Here we encourage our children to explore the knowledge they have gained in the classroom in a very unstructured playful collaborative manner. Our art , music and science exploration corners are tools to unlock and tap your child’s infinite potential and help them discover all their hidden talents.


The exterior shape of the nursery classroom has been especially designed keeping in mind that this is probably their first step into a world outside their home. A little picket fence with a pretty roof structure slowly eases them into this new world while still with a slight feeling of being at home. Inside these rooms we have created many avenues for the children to learn and feel comfortable in their new environment with a variety of play objects to help them do so.


Our outdoor play and party zone provides our children with a fairy forest feel where they can learn while rolling on the grass or enhancing their fine motor skills in our messy play area. Slides , swings, scribble boards and little mushroom stools for story time ensure your child has the best environment to find their way and develop every aspect of their internal and external growth.

PRETEND PLAY CENTRES – A very large part of our curriculum is based on role play. We believe this to be a very strong learning tool for our young ones and have a variety of areas to enable them to grasp as much as possible while sparking their imagination every step of the way.

Our pretend play areas are ..


All of these help in developing your child’s communicative,interactive social, cognitive , language and physical skills preparing them for real life situations in the most exciting way possible.

PREP 2 CLASSROOMS – In contrast to the playgroup and nursery classroom, the layout of these classrooms are a bit more formal to help with the transition into primary school. Learning centres here are more information based and constantly changing. A math lab , discovery centre , language skill centre with a phonetic audio centre will be created for your child to explore all aspects.

BEACH TOWN – A miniature township created for the little ones to explore, where a scaled down Town Street that has been created with huts, kiosks, café, shops, sit outs and various other interesting elements that acts as a perfect tool for the children to explore and learn through Dramatic play.

A slide-in wading pool, EPDM road tracks with traffic signals, hammocks, beach umbrellas, and miniature palm trees not only add to the fun element but also form an excellent backdrop for several especially designed activities.

Equipped with a range of toys, equipment and accessories sourced from across the globe, this little town is designed to enhance the joy of learning through Exploration, Discovery & Dramatic play.