Activity based on MARINE ANIMALS

//Activity based on MARINE ANIMALS

On 2nd MARCH 2017 Students of SENIOR K.G (OESIS) enacted on activity based on MARINE ANIMALS. Marine animals are aquatic animals that rely on ocean and other marine eco-systems for their existence. They include animals such as whale, shark, starfish, and octopus.

Muppets of Marine Animals such as Whale, Shark, Fish, Turtle, Octopus, Starfish, and Crocodile were made by the teachers and students wore that Muppets to be a part of the activity. As the Activity was about under water corals, seaweeds, Stone, Shell, Waves of the water scene was created by the teachers.
All the other classes such as Play-group, Nursery, Jr.Kg, Grade 1 , Grade 2, were called to watch the Activity enacted by Sr.Kg class and the teacher explained them the concept of marine animals. All the children were interested to watch the activity and also Sr.Kg class students enjoyed to be part of this activity.