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OES International School will be widely respected as a centre of excellence & learning dedicated to creating a community of well educated , internationally minded citizens.


To discover and develop the potential within each child so that they break boundaries and achieve excellence, with confidence and character.


  • To support and nurture individual students with diverse needs, to develop confidence and resilience through a wide range of creative learning opportunities and applied professional activities.
  • To serve our students by establishing a dynamic, international learning community based on diligence, mutual respect and understanding.
  • To achieve these goals by drawing on the richness of the school environment and its people, the broader school community and by encouraging each student to achieve their highest standards in all aspects of life.
  • By providing children and young people with a diverse range of learning opportunities appropriate to their unique stage of development, we will build their confidence and independence, enabling them to grow into flexible and resilient young adults, capable of embracing the challenges of the future.
  • To fulfill our corporate social responsibility through connections with charitable organisations such as Red Cross and UNICEF