Parent child tete a tete

//Parent child tete a tete

parent-child-tete-a-teteOnce children start preschool; it is imperative for parents to spend quality time with their children. Children enter a new world once they start preschool. New peers, new teachers and new experiences. Some children may be more adaptable to this change; while others maybe fearful. Parents need to have a constant rapport with children is order to understand them and build a better relationship for the future. Parents can take the following steps:

Engage in evening chat- Parents can interact with their children in the evenings once their kids have arrived home from school. As parents it is essential to bond with the kids at an earlier stage as this would help them understand their kids; also the kids shall be able to confide in their parents at a later stage in their lives. This could be the best way to strengthen the bond between the parents and the children.

Stay available- Be it a sports competition or if your child has a dance lesson to go to; make sure you are always present to encourage your child. When the child feels that their parents are appreciative of what they do; this could boost the child’s self-confidence. After all, before Batman or Superman; a parent is a child’s superhero!

Get crafty- Apart from helping the child academically; parents can also help a child be creative and make something new. Be it a simple boat or making a clay pot; parents can bond with the kids and teach them the importance of working in teams.

Read a bedtime story- If parents are busy doing all the household chores and have been unable to devote sometime with your child; reading them a bedtime story could make up for the lost time.

Always be positive- Children learn quickly from their surroundings, parents should always stay cheerful and stress free around their kids. If the parents are happy and positive; the child grows up to be positive and happy. A positive attitude not only helps the children but also helps the parents relax.