Report on Mindspark Workshop

//Report on Mindspark Workshop

MINDSPARK  Workshop for Teachers   RESOURCE PERSON : Mr Manjeet Singh

What is MINDSPARK ? It is an online learning tool that sparks a learning revolution in students and teachers.

It enables students to learn at their own pace, to improve on the knowledge of concepts and their performance . The subject that will be addressed is Maths with :

  1. questions that trigger critical thinking
  2. explanations that build conceptual clarity
  3. instant feedback that clears incorrect understanding

Benefits for Teachers

  • Live – Class : An instant feedback on class performance of the topic taught
  • Videos to highlight misconceptions and remedial teaching techniques.
  • Mindspark insights can be used for revision for homework after school hours and be monitored by the teacher.
  • Insights into pedagogical conventions can be followed globally.

Mindspark will be introduced in the Primary section for the academic year 2017-2018