Sports Day 2018

4th ANNUAL SPORTS DAY 13th January 2018

As the wise saying goes “Sports serves the society by providing vivid examples of excellence”

OES International School, Vashi was delighted to usher in the Chief Guest Dr. Vece Paes and the Guests of Honor Prof. Azeem Khan and Mr. Edgar Mascarenhas.

The Opening Ceremony commenced with the Chief Guest Dr. Vece Paes hoisting the School Flag followed by a Prayer Song and the very original School Anthem by the Student Choir.

The Marchpast to honour the Guests brought in the students marching with perfect rhythm, a sense of belonging and pride a raise the standards of OES International School, Vashi Dr. Vece Pase is a sports Medicine Consultant for BCCI, for Anti-Doping and Age Verification. He has an inspiring sports career with the Indian Hockey Team that won the Bronze Medal for the World Cup and the Olympic Games in the early 1970s.

The Guest of Honor Prof. Azeem khan from the OES Management has an outstanding career in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology with research experience from several countries like USA and Singapore.

Prof. Azeem is a sound promoter of sports and P.E in the OES International School Curriculum. He lit the Sport Torch and gave words of encouragement to all the student participants.

The students and the audience were delighted to witness the release of balloons by a Guest of Honor Mr. Edgar Mascarenhas. This feature symbolized the true Sportsmanship on behalf of all the participants.

The Class wise Races ensued for Girls and Boys. Their participation will undoubtedly enable them to inculcate discipline, sincerity, and a team spirit in the years to come.

The Displays in Martial Arts and physical Education were appreciated by the audience. These movement based subjects are important for child development. Undoubtedly the movements of the students responded well to music and rhythm…. C H E E R S

The Annual Sports Days is an occasion to bring the Teachers out of the classroom and onto the field. The Teacher’s Cone Race had a surprising result and was delightful surprise to the audience! The concluding races for the day were for the parents whose energy and participation was spectacular.

Our THEME for the Annual Sports Day 2018 significantly came alive “Winning comes with Participation”