At OES International School we endeavour to bring about a difference in the life of students by giving them wings and the strength to fly, and creating confidence in them about their abilities and potential. Our encouragement of sports enables the children to inculcate qualities like discipline, sincerity and team work which prepares them for life and so we look forward to our pupils’ enthusiastically learning life’s lesson through the Sports Day.

The wheel started rolling for this event weeks ago and we planned for the races, drill and March past. The parents races were also planned meticulously.

The invites were sent to the Chief Guest, Dr Vece Paes and Guest of Honour Cdr Manish Nath Sharan by Dr Marina Thomas. The decorator, photographer and printers were also contacted to provide the quotation for marqueeto be put on the OESIS ground and for designing flexes. We also ordered for the refreshment for all the guests and participants and all arrangements were done on time.

The Sports began with its usual vigour and enthusiasm by the welcome address and introduction of Chief Guest and Guest of Honour by Dr Marina Thomas. The Chief Guest Dr Vece Paes declared the OESIS Sports Day open. The following events took place during the Sports Day:

  • March Past
    The students of Nursery class refined their talents and parade in orderly fashion. It was indeed a moment of pride as we watch our little students march in a synchronized fashion. Marching elegantly on the tune of “Sare Jahan se Accha” the students of Nursery were in red colour symbolizing passion, power and energy and were lead by the very graceful Aaradhya Singh.
  • Drill display by Sr KG and Jr KG
    Our little masters of rhythm matched up their steps and displayed coordination and synchronization in a special drill display. The blue color worn by them symbolizes water and its qualities like gentleness and softness. The circular formation depicted completeness in attaining values and character. They showed fairness and spirit of sportsmanship.
    These are the values we aim to instill in our student’s right from an early age.
  • Races
    Our theme for this Sports Day was “WINNING COMES WITH PARTICIPATION”. It’s through participation our students will put 100 per cent efforts and understand the importance of dedication, involvement and hard work.
  • First was the CHOCOLATE RACE for Nursery class:
    All the students were divided in to three teams with four students each. The student at the starting line has to run and pass the chocolate to the next member in the team and the student who reaches the finishing line first helps his team to win the race.
  • Next we had the Group race for Sr KG and Jr KG students: GETTING READY FOR SCHOOL RACE:
    This was a team race where again we have students in three teams. Each team has to finish the task of getting ready for school by putting essentials like bag, book, slate, tiffin box, water bottle etc. The last student had to zip the bag and reach the finishing.
  •  Our Next group Race was the RING RACE for the Sr KG and Jr KG students.
    This was an obstacle race where again we saw students working as a team. Each team member had to pass through the hula hoop. The team member could run only when the other team member had reached the finishing line. The team that finishes first emerged as the winner.
  • Next we had students of Nursery class for the RELAY RACE:
  • Next we had students of Sr KG and Jr KG for the VEGETABLE RACE: Each team had to pick up the vegetables displayed on the tracks and the last member has to pick up the basket and reach the finishing line.