Mrs.-Awantika-AwasthiThe Mother of Daksh Awasthi wrote the following with appreciation after her son Daksh rejoined OESIS Vashi for the Academic Year 2017-18.

Daksh had left OESIS, Vashi and studied in Pune during the Academic Year 2016-17.

“Our Child has blossomed under your guidance and supervision.

He was always happy and excited to go to OES International School, Vashi .

At the end of the Academic Year 2015-16 we noticed remarkable improvements in our child. He learnt many new skills like Skating and Yoga right from scratch.

We are specially thankful to Ms. Anita Ma’am and the sports faculty for their dedication and hard work.

Our Good wishes to OESIS, Vashi for the FUTURE. ”

DR.-HARSHALA-PARAB1The very first day, I entered the school, I was really happy to see the infrastructure, which has been designed taking into consideration the taste and the comfort of kids. Further, when I met their education counselor and the class teacher, I could feel their passion for teaching and warmth in the behavior and there I decided to take admission for my son in OESIS. After the school started, the one thing I liked the most was their curriculum designing.

The school was really going well with the pace of the kids and the teachers were not at all in a hurry to start the alphabet writing unlike in other schools. In fact, the school brought special models in the beginning, to make the kids practice various shapes comfortably without giving much stress to their tender fingers. How thoughtful it was! As the year was passing on, I could see positive improvement in my son in terms of confidence, mannerism, communication skills etc.

Apart from the regular curriculum, the whole year was filled with various activities such as thematic presentations, different types of celebrations and field trips, which helped the kids to find their interests and grow in their invidiualistic way.

From the parents perspective, a special mention should be given to the presentation by Cambridge Officials. In this seminar, a clear picture was given by the Cambridge officials regarding different types of schooling patterns , its comparison with Cambridge pattern and syllabus

MRS.-RUCHI-DAGA1Nidheesh has enhanced his personnel skills but at the same time I would request you to kindly consider the academics as well, as his writing skills and abilities has not yet improved.

  1.  Infrastructure – Good
  2.  Child Friendly Materials – Toys, Crafts Etc – Good
  3.  Also it was a good learning experience while interacting with delegates from Cambridge.

MRS.-VEENA-GUDI1I have often felt my daughter is like a fresh sponge absorbing information every second. At School , I am glad that the information she gained has been useful in her daily life and has helped her develop as an individual with her own personality. She often surprises us with new words and applies these new words perfectly in the right sentences. Every time she picks up something new at school she always tries it at home and among friends. She has learnt the value of discipline and basic social manners as well as civic sense from her teachers. Small habits such as always using a dustbin and keeping clean have become second nature to her.

As parents we chose OESIS for two factors, one being the proximity to home and the second is the emphasis on safety that we felt in the design and execution of the classrooms. Till date we believe OESIS has the best classrooms we have seen in all the schools that we have visited. Above all this we have been extremely impressed with the quality of the teaching staff as well as their dedication and focus on each student on an individual basis.
A few more points that we as parents wanted to share with the school,

  1.  The school has lived up to our expectations with the regards to the program and teaching staff commitment
  2.  This school is being setup new and there were many queries of the parents on the roadmap of the school and its further steps. Management is working on having the queries resolved. They also conducted a workshop with the Cambridge team.
  3.  School is also following an international curriculum, but we would love to have some Indian festivals and events celebrated.

I have observed a lot of positive changes in Vedant, especially pertaining to his MRS.-DEEPTI-BAJWA1communication skills. He has shown great in his usage of English language and seems keen to express himself in English. He has become emotionally stronger and behaves in a righteous manner under most situations. He has developed his social skills and has learned to work in a team. He has become more forgiving and is learning to accept others as they are.

When I decided to choose this school for my child, I was ready to explore something new education. The School’s Infrastructure is very impressive and the school carries very positive vibes naturally. A well designed educational curriculum and specially designed curriculum by the expertise in sports, dance, swimming and overall child development, made the school an undeniable choice for my son. The school staff, teachers and management make it sure to maintain a very loving and caring environment. I recommend OES International School to all the parents who wish for their children to get the best upbringing.