Visit to Nature Park

Children of OES International school went for an educational visit to the Mahim Nature Park.
Once inside the park it was hard to believe that they were in Mumbai.
There was the rainwater-harvesting area and butterfly park area. The Mahim Nature Park guide patiently showed the children through the park.
The different trees that one saw were the Red Silk Cotton Tree, the Ashoka Tree, Balloon Plant, Teak, Golden Apple Tree, Flame of the Forest, Devil’s Treeand many others.
Children saw different birds like Cattle Egret, the Common Moor Hen, the Cormorant, the Warbler and the Common Bronzewing.
The children were also shown how birds build their nest.
Children were overwhelmed to see butterflies of different colours, dragon flies and ant hills.
It was overall a wonderful experience for the children.