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What you can expect from us

Ours will be a school with distinct character based on ‘inclusion’ and ‘maximum choice.’ At all stages it in envisaged that students will play a central role in their learning through exercising choice and evaluating their own progress. This might be choice of learning activity, choice of project work, choice of play, choice of courses, Programmes, subjects or qualification type. We believe that offering wide choice ensures students’ needs are best met and interest and therefore, engagement levels are high.

We will ensure:

  • A warm welcome for children of all abilities and nationalities;
  • A focus on parents as partners in their child’s learning journey;
  • Dedicated and inspirational teachers supported by excellent, responsive leadership;
  • High quality early childhood experiences;
  • A rich, varied and practical curriculum which embraces authentic learning designed to suit a range of interests and abilities;
  • A skills continuum which runs as a thread through the curriculum and leads to the development of professional learning skills;
  • A personalized approach to students’ learning and care with careful monitoring, support and nurturing of each individual;
  • Activities and affirmation to ensure that every student develops their personal identity through positive relationships within the school community and beyond;
  • High expectations within a balance of challenge and support so that all students achieve intellectual growth and success;
  • Development of the potential of each student through an extensive range of enrichment, extra-curricular and sporting activities;
  • Emphasis on developing independence, creativity and critical thinking and using ICT to enrich learning;
  • Effective leadership, governance and management of the school so that the financial position of the school is strong, and its aims fulfilled;
  • High levels of accountability for the school’s performance through the long-term appointment of an objective, independent international education expert.

Authentic learning is that which is linked to life and is carried out for a specific and very real purpose.